Ford Mustang Champion 3-Row Aluminum Radiator, All Engi

Ford Mustang Champion 3-Row Aluminum Radiator, All Engi

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  • 100% All Aluminum Tanks, Fittings And Billet Fill Neck
  • 3 Row Radiator (Up to 650HP)
  • High Efficiency 14-16 Louvered Fins Per Inch And 3/8 Spaced Tubes
  • 100% TIG Welded Seams, Brazed Core, No Epoxy
  • ISO Certified Manufacturing For Consistent Premium Quality
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Includes 16 Lb

    Aluminum is a far superior metal to the original equipment OEM copper-brass because it nbsp radiates heat much more quickly and cools down much more rapidly

    And, it's 50-75 lighter than your brass / copper radiator

    Install this Champion 3-core high efficiency aluminum radiator in your classic Mustang nbsp a

    Radiator Cap, Brass Petcock Valve /strong /li /ul p nbsp /p p style text-align justify Your classic Ford Mustang can get hot...really hot! Idling in traffic, 90 summer days, and just driving can add up

    The factory brass radiators were barely satisfactory at transferring heat which is why they overheat when you least expect it

    Transferring heat from your engine to the atmosphere, thereby lowering the temperature of the engine coolant is the sole purpose of a radiator, and an aluminum radiator will out-cool a copper brass radiator of similar size and construction by at least 40

    Why take chances with your valuable engine and step up to Champion Aluminum High Efficiency Radiators